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Sản phẩm 1-50
72 Vincom Center Dong Khoi Tower, Le Thanh Ton District 1 Ho Chi Minh


sếp tổng cở mở thân thiện, office mới chuyển qua toàn nhà mới nhỏ hơn nhưng nghe ae nói đỡ kẹt thang máy như bên Vincom, tech lead nhìn giống diễn viên Trương Thiên Chí.
Cty nhỏ nên benefit có vẻ tốt.

Fake name (Ko chỗ đứng)  

Công ty thấy đăng tuyển miết đầu năm giờ, ai có thông tin chia sẻ nào

Ẩn danh  

. Awesome office with Nortre Dame view, cozy working space, fridge full of snacks and drinks.
. Company offers best equipments for work (latest Mac, PC and all of the necessary licenses, etc)
. Flat team with quick decision making and innovative atmosphere.
. Challenging in-house projects with customer first philosophy.
. Great product vision and teamwork.
. Really experienced and top of the market team members with get things done attitude.
. Tons of fun when it comes to relaxing
No OT at all. Everybody is the owner of their work. As long as you deliver, working hour is not a big issue.

. Need a bigger office in upcoming months
. Need to get the company name out there for people to know