ADT Group Holdings (1)

Sản phẩm 1-50
285 CMT8 District 10 Ho Chi Minh

HA HA (Analyst)  

Established in 1998, ADT media company limited is a leading company in communication and multimedia advertising industry. The company owns many large media brands such as adt media, active brand communications, E-channel, Hay TV, Dot Mark, Win media and mainly provides Media full-service, Digital marketing, TV production.
Additionally, the company is a partner of big Vienam TV stations such as VTV and HTV - two of most popular TV channels in Vietnam - in many big sport events, ranging from global levels such as World cup, Euro Cup to regional ones such as Seagames and AFF Cup.
The company generated a Net revenue and Total Assets of VND 1,109 (-9.47% Y-o-Y) and 833 billion (+11.78 % Y-o-Y), respectively in 2018. Additionally, the company changed its contributed capital, increased from only VND6.4 (2016) to 350 billion (2018).